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Music is nice but where's the flash?

2008-02-01 08:17:25 by PocketPollution

So you listened to my music and liked it. Then you came over here and wanted to see what else I had to offer only to realize that was very, very little. Yes, unfortunately, I have no flash submissions to decorate my user page. However, you can expect to see more music in the very near future, so please keep checking back!



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2008-02-01 08:23:15

Okay. Will do. :D
Also, if you keep submitting more audio and make more blog posts, I'm sure you'll receive more reputation on Newgrounds and sooner or later, somebody will use your audio for some flashes. :)

PocketPollution responds:

Hey, thanks! That is more encouraging than you may have realized when you posted that! In fact... I think I'll go work on my third audio submission. ;)


2008-02-03 00:46:57

Love your music.


PocketPollution responds:

love your support.