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But what's the ending music? It sounded cool and such. I must know what it is.

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This wasn't crap!

I'm amazed.

It wasn't good mind you. But it wasn't crap. Obviously, you didn't spend much time on it but you really didn't do that bad. Frankly, i like your style and i actually laughed out loud!

Keep working on it!

The bird made it for me.

This ten out of ten is for the bird and the bird alone.

MorrowDays responds:

haha, thanks!

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Loved. Wonderful graphics as per usual. What was very exciting was the how smooth the whole experience was and how well you varied the difficulty between medium and hard.

This was needless to say, a masterpiece. Please make moar?

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It was alright...

...for another pacman game. The concept was simple and also slightly bland. The music became extremely annoying after a while and the difficulty level was almost non-existant. The graphics were nice but WAY too small. The code, however was so well done that I found no bugs or errors whatsoever except for some minor lags in a few places. Without all the minor problems, this could be an excellent game. Maybe submit a redone version please?

Played through everything...

...and unlocked every pant's color and every trophy in the game.

Needless to say, my conclusion is that this is one of the most entertaining and visually breathtaking games on NG. I'll be surprised if this doesn't stay on NG for years to come.

My only complaint: the snail shell moved too easily and I experienced much frustration getting it where I want to go... considering how big it is, would you mind giving it a little more mass in the next game? (there is a next game RIGHT?!)

Thank you for sharing this with everyone on NG: I am positive we all support you unanimously!

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This needs vocals

Its an amazing remix and I love it but it is lacking greatly without vocals. Apparently it used to have them. You should re-release that version for those who prefer it. All the cool kids are doing it. DONT YOU WANT TO BE COOL?!?!?!

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This is one of the most amazing pieces I've ever had the good fortune to listen to. You are unbelievable and my recommendation to you is to never stop making music! Evar!

I loved the combination of electronic noises and classical instruments such as piano. The voices themselves went very well together. All in all I have no complaints with this song except for one: the fadeout.

I'd rather have a different ending that's all. Fadeouts just don't seem satisfying.

Anyways, great song. Keep going!

I don't like it...

...but god damn it I'll give it a decent review because nobody else can.

I didn't think the music really fit with the lyrics or the theme. Since your listing off names of pokemon i'd imagine that the music would be based off a theme from the pokemon series. If the music was... then thats a shame because i didn't recognize it. Pick something more obvious.

The lyrics weren't exactly that impressive. It was simply a list of names of pokemon that rhymed with one another. Its not a bad idea, but it was done poorly, particularly the voice. If thats your voice, then I am deeply sorry: it isn't a voice for singing nor rapping. It simply sounded bad.

All in all, I'm glad that someone did something relatively creative, even if it was poorly done. I put effort into my review because i can tell you put effort into your work. Make more. Who knows. Maybe you can prove me wrong. I hope so.

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sonicmega responds:

Just because you didn't know, the music was a remix of 2B A Master, originally played in Pokemon Puzzle League.

Aside from that, I understand where you're coming from in terms of the execution. In the end, I was working with a set of lyrics, and my goal alone was to rhyme all these Pokemon names in some organized fashion. It's definitely not the prettiest of sounds, but I'm working on improving how my voice comes across when recording. I feel it's too high pitched myself, but I didn't want that to stop me from trying.

I thank you for calling it creative, if nothing else, but I thank you most for writing one of the best reviews that pointed out why you didn't like it without getting abusive. It actually felt good to respond to your review, because you had a very decent grasp on what exactly you found to be subpar with it. Thank you!

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